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Executive Insights: BI & Operational Analytics

We act on behalf of clients to design and build Business Intelligence and Operational Analytics Solutions. The insights provided by our solutions significantly improve executive decision making and operational execution. Management and Executive Insight Solutions include: Sales, Service, Marketing and Human Resource Analytics.

Excalibur can assist our clients by way of the following:

  • Proof of concepts projects
  • Vendor selection
  • Technology selection
  • Project charters & business requirements
  • Project management
  • Operational readiness
  • Training

Human Resource – Project Abstract:

a recent project, a human resource client, was encountering unnecessary complexity understanding, validating and correlating operational data. Specifically, the impact across various employee demographic profiles, e.g. job function, age, years of service and location. The business problem was not well understood by the incumbent IT organization in large part. This was evidenced by the solution option being endorsed and recommended.

Our solution approach which was implemented, to this “Corporate Wellness” problem was an Operational Analytics solution which provided the insights for the Executives, Directors and Operations Managers using a suite of dashboards and absence metrics. This, enabled timely decisioning, proactive strategies and incentives to be considered by the organization.

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