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CRM Project Rescue: Technology Platform Solution

We act on behalf of clients to conduct assessments to determine solution options, plan of action (POA) and remediation approaches, strategy formulation and implementation plans.

Excalibur can assist our clients by way of review, augmentation and/or implementation engagements. We review and verify your objectives and develop a project rescue plan covering the following items:

  • ranking of priorities
  • reviewing the project charter and management plan
  • creating / updating the change log / back log
  • defining milestones, time constraints and benchmarks
  • developing a communication plan
  • assessing risks, liabilities and mitigation approaches

CRM Rescue Project Abstract:

A west coast transportation company had made a significant investment in the automation of their customer experience platform. This required modernization of their e-commerce, CRM and back office operations, concurrent with enabling a responsive user experience platform. The organization did not possess the in-house expertise required to deliver such a solution. Their vendor selection, project management and execution capability, was impaired.

Jules Batson, Solution Consultant, led the project, ensuring a detailed assessment was conducted. Solution options including cost and schedules, were determined and communicated. An opportunity for project “leap-frogging” to a more suitable cost effective solution option, and realize the project earned value, which was slipping away due to prior false starts, and project challenges, was also included.

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