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Marketing Automation Solutions

What is a Marketing Automation Solution?

A Marketing Automation Solution provides clients with a robust platform for an integrated Sales & Marketing process experience which:

  • Attracts and engages
  • Converts qualified prospects to leads.
  • Closes qualified leads, creating new customers.
  • Amazes and delights customers.
  • Transforms customers into promoters and advocates.

These solutions can range from simply a CRM application integrated with an email blaster, to implementation, configuration and integration of a comprehensive content management system. The latter solution provides lead scoring, campaign management statistics and analytics.

The benefits of marketing automation include:

  • Better-qualified Sales leads from Marketing to the Sales Organization.
  • Improved ability of Sales Management to better plan and prioritize the timeframe to engage with qualified leads, based on the lead score automatically assigned.
  • Automated campaign execution and management, extending and enhancing the manual CRM campaign functionality.
  • Automated lead nurturing allowing for the progressive tracking and development of leads until they are ready for sales engagement.
  • Metrics to effectively manage the revenue cycle, providing more accurate revenue forecasts.
  • A clearer understanding of the contribution to profitability of sales and marketing activities.

In effect, a Marketing Automation Solution delivers an increased number of better-qualified leads. Our Marketing Automation solutions significantly contribute to the success of your sales team and increase the profits of your organization.

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