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Vendor Management

We act on behalf of our clients to negotiate favorable solution options as part of our contract analysis-680571_1280negotiation strategy.  Remember, you want to “partner” with your vendor and not “take them to the cleaners”. We do not participate in any vendor/reseller incentive programs. Excalibur assist our clients in evaluating and selecting enterprise business solutions. We review your objectives and develop a contract negotiation plan covering the following items:

  • Ranking of priorities along with alternatives
  • Understanding the difference between what you need and what you want
  • Determining your non-negotiable requirements
  • Defining any time constraints and benchmarks
  • Assessing potential liabilities and risks
  • Establishing confidentiality, non-compete, dispute resolution, changes in requirements
  • Completing of vendor analysis worksheets  

Vendor Management Project Abstract

  • A North American shipping and logistics provider acquired a commercial off-the-shelf Sales Force Automation (SFA) system from an independent software vendor.  The client provider was pleased with the initial results of the system, and wanted to extend the operational scope of the system to manage multiple locations.  The client did not have the in-house knowledge to define the net new technical requirements. The vendor was unable/unwilling to assign the onsite project resources to establish and quantify the gap requirements. Additionally, negotiations on a broader contract had stalled.  Excalibur Information Solutions was engaged to establish the functional requirements, manage the contract negotiation, configuration management and solution deployment activities.
  • We  led the vendor negotiations and worked with the client’s Legal, Contract Management and Business teams to complete the strategic agreement, which provided the client with significantly improved terms and conditions as compared to the previous contract.
  • Excalibur Information Solutions continued to provide Vendor Management, Program Management and Solution Architecture leadership throughout the delivery phase.

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