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IT Project Rescue

Some IT projects are just too significant to fail. However sometimes project timelines slip, technical problems arise, additional business requirements are discovered, or the solution does not align with user expectations. Excalibur’s team of IT Strategists, Project Managers & Solutions Consultants can provide the business solution, technical knowledge and project leadership expertise to remediate and successfully rescue your project.

Starting with a high-impact assessment and planning week, we identify the key factors impeding the project’s success. Working with the project stakeholders, the Excalibur team will develop a plan to correct the trajectory of the project. We are experts at identifying project risks, developing business solutions, and remediating technical problems at all layers of the infrastructure stack. We can also solve non-technical problems, such as procurement management, stakeholder engagement, team coordination and resource management.

Excalibur believes that almost every project can be turned around with a dedicated team, well defined execution strategy, strong project leadership, and supportive management. Almost any challenge is surmountable — from developing in-house skills that are currently lacking and providing augmentation, to working around unmet vendor obligations, and integrating solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to rescue IT projects in a matter of weeks.

Familiar with both Agile and traditional PMI project management methodologies, we are natural allies for in-house Project Managers. We can also completely fill the role of Technical Project Manager or Project Director. Our deep technical experience enables us to accurately estimate and meet project budgets and milestones. We pride ourselves on rigorous, best-practices project management, while striving to keep the budget for these roles under 10% of the overall project budget — that’s less than half the industry norm for this kind of overhead.

Excalibur Information Solutions – let us discuss how we can assist with you in turning your project around. Together with our expertise and experience, your project success and business enablement is achievable.