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Operations Readiness: Center of Excellence (COE)

We provide clients with solutions to support the operation of a myriad of technologies. We can provide consulting services to assist clients with the selection of the right technology choices, ensuring operational readiness and success. Our expertise and solutions cover the full technology stack, thus enabling successful execution of business operations. Typical operational readiness activities undertaken by us include:

  • System administration and operations training
  • Competency Assurance
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) assessments
  • Design & Configuration reviews
  • Operational Change Management
  • Operations Readiness and Implementation Planning (OIP)
  • Performance Standard Assurance

Enterprise Integration and Enablement – Project Abstract:

A ferry transportation organization was struggling with their Enterprise Integration operating framework. They were attempting to implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using the Oracle Service Bus technology, without a clear understanding of the implementation best practices, governance and operational readiness pre-requisites in a number of key areas.

We implemented a Center of Excellence (COE) to take care of the known technical, process and data elements. The goal of the COE was to harmonize the existing business and IT process within a new Business Solutions framework

We established and committed to a continuous implementation operating model, engaged subject matter experts (SMEs) to backfill in respect to a number of vital skill deficiency domains.  We also identified that employee training and knowledge transfer were key metrics of the operational readiness plan.

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