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Custom Development

What is is the underlying infrastructure on which Salesforce is built.  It provides a robust, powerful, scalable, secure and extensible platform for custom development.

What is Dynamics SDK?Process organigram

Dynamics SDK is a Microsoft Software Development Kit used to build the Dynamics 365 application platform. & Dynamics SDK development tools provide our team with a toolkit to extend these platforms to address any specific business requirement.

At Excalibur, our strategic and technical partners have the resources and development capabilities to create custom-built applications. These applications deliver advanced integration and automation while extending the functionality of your existing solution.

We offer a range of custom development solutions to suit your business needs:

  • Apex Code development
    Using APEX we can automate the most complex business process. APEX code can be used to enhance standard workflows, provide complex calculations, and manipulate data stored in your repository.
  • VisualForce development
    VisualForce enables us to deliver custom User Interfaces for your application. The User Interface can look and feel like a native application or can be customized to your specific business requirements.
  • Smartphone Application Development
    Excalibur and our partners can develop custom mobile applications that provide mobile extensions to your applications, leveraging the features of advanced smartphone devices.

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