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About Us

Excalibur Information Solutions is a management consulting, project management and professional services firm. We provide our clients with a variety of value-added independent information technology services. Our customers are provided with practical business solutions. We work with them to develop the implementation roadmaps and execute each step to deliver tangible measurable results.


Our management consulting services include Business Process Optimization and Transformation,Technology Selection and Implementation. We have the expertise, a track record for successful delivery and a commitment to our clients’ success. Our team consists of certified professionals for many of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. As well, we have extensive knowledge of legacy on-premise products.

We provide dramatic results for our clients by leveraging our skills matrix of innovative solutions and detailed knowledge of legacy applications.

Working with our clients to make them successful is our passion. The success of our customer is our primary focus and we measure our success one satisfied customer at a time.

Contact Excalibur Information Solutions – let us discuss how we can assist with your business enablement, value creation and results improvement.